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This is the archive site of Brindishe School, left as it was in late 2009, apart from the removal of contact email addresses. Go to the current site to see what they are doing now!

Brindishe School is a modern open-plan community school for children aged 3–11 years. It has places for 245 children who live mostly within the very local area or who have brothers and sisters at the school.

Brindishe SchoolWe work closely with our partner school in Lewisham, which is Hither Green School in Beacon Road, Hither Green. Together the two schools support each other’s work and share resources and opportunities which benefit children and their families in our shared community. Our aim is to ensure that every child at Brindishe and at Hither Green makes good progress in their learning and is a respected and welcome member of our school. We aim for every child to learn how to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.

This web-site is intended to give parents and carers useful information about Brindishe and how it works. We have tried to include as much as possible but please feel able to come and ask us for more information if you would like it.

If you would like to visit the school we have open evenings each term. Details of the open evenings together with application forms and copies of our admissions policy are available from the school office. Please telephone or email the school for a pack to be sent to you, or call in to the school office any day after 4.00pm.

We look forward to meeting you.
Vicki Paterson
Executive Headteacher of Brindishe and Hither Green Schools

Diane Spalding
Associate Headteacher of Brindishe

Ofsted Outstanding Provider 2006/2007Brindishe Community School has been judged an Outstanding Provider by Ofsted


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